Deployment. A neutral nice word for… what’s the real word?  Jobs: jobs  for political buddies, for ANC cadres, nice fat-paying comfortable secure jobs. 

 So! Let them give jobs! Eskom CEO, Transnet CEO, SABC CEO,… You name it they give it.  OK, buddies get the top jobs, we’ve got a life to live. Ah, but you see there’s the rub! We pay for it, through the nose through the pocket, everyway you can think of.

 It’s through some mundane unconnected experience that we often stumble upon truth.    In December I was on the road from Jo’burg toCape Town, following the rails, fifteen hundred kms of pristine perfect railroad infrastructure. A train spotter’s dream, you would think.  What should I tell you – a whole day next to the lines and not a train spotted. But on the roads traffic. Big traffic: containers, abnormal loads, rumbling juggernauts, double-decker Translux coaches, carrying people equipment commodities goods between Gauteng hub and coast, burning fuel at R10.50 to the litre, thundering up and down the devastated highway. And next to the frenetic road train tracks demurely gleam in the sun. Oh bitter irony, oh height of blindness and folly.

 And how we pay for it! When did you shop at Pick n Pay or Checkers and connect to the political buddies that man the department of transport, the cadre deployed to head Transnet? Next time the fuel price goes up and goods in supermarkets cost more, think of it.  Had the goods travelled by rail there would be no fuel-effect. That’s one of the ways we pay for deployment, for political buddies in Transnet and Department of Transport.   Now cast your mind adrift and think of all the different and diverse ways we pay for deployment.